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Legal Support Services

CASE INVESTIGATION: Follow up on circumstances, witnesses or leads according to an attorney’s case requirements. Written reports, including photos or other findings are provided.

CASE MANAGEMENT: Generally inclusive of any or all of the litigation support services listed in this section, plus the incorporation of organizing, facilitating and maintaining a case calendar, including court dates, filing deadlines, deposition schedules, etc.

DEPOSITION PREPARATION & MANAGEMENT: Assistance with identifying potential witnesses, outlining and strategizing questions, identifying supportive documents or other relative case evidence, and scheduling.

DOCUMENT & EVIDENCE MANAGEMENT: Scanning, indexing, coding and numbering of documents related to an attorney’s case requirements.

ESTATE ADMINISTRATION: Facilitate responsibilities and duties as an Estate Administrator, including but not necessarily limited to  (1) collection and management of assets, (2) payment of debts and taxes, and (3) distribution of remaining assets. 

TRANSCRIPT COORDINATION & MANAGEMENT: A liaison between videographer(s), legal counsel(s), deponent(s), and transcriptionist(s) to ensure accuracy and timeliness of completed transcripts. Let one of our trained professionals manage the transcript process for you so you can focus on your caseload. We work directly with Ride-On Productions to insure that transcripts are produced in the cleanest, timeliest manner possible. Our service includes managing word lists, attachments and any other unique aspect that maybe present in your deposition.

TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES: Type-written translation of any audio or video recording into U.S. standard legal system format. We coordinate services with an Australian based provider who offers U.S. trained and certified transcriptionist. Ask about printing/binding and/or RealLegal LiveNote eTrans services. eTranscripts can be synchronized with inData TimeCoder Pro services.

TRIAL PREPARTION & COURT ROOM ASSISTANCE: Provide support services related to preparing for and during trial, including document and evidence management, presentation preparations, and general case management. inData Trial Director software is available.

VIDEO DEPOSITION: Digital recording, capturing and DVD rendering of any type of interview or deposition. Optionally, you may choose to sync your video with your transcript. We utilize inData’s TimeCoder Pro software, which automatically synchronizes transcripts and video depositions using advanced speech and pattern recognition. Finished product shows video and transcript side-by-side and can be viewed with a free viewer. Finished product can be used at trial.

WITNESS INTERVIEWS: Set up and conduct interviews with witnesses according to an attorney’s case requirements. All interviews are digitally recorded and highlight notes are provided.