Policies & Fees


AVAILABILITY: The team is structured to allow for maximum flexibility and coverage for the client. Practical Solutions is the primary point of contact overseeing responsibility for projects unless otherwise indicated. This ensures overallproject quality. Practical Solutions has a strong administrative staff already in place and an extensive network of technical advisors should we need them. Additional support and administrative staff are available as needed.

FEES GUIDELINES: Projects are priced independently by individual client requests according to specific requirements and conditions relative to both the project and the client. Note: Expedite fees may apply to flat fees or hourly fees depending on the timeline a client requests for completion. 

                    General Categories                                              Range
                    Professional Services                                          $150-250/hour
                    Standard Services                                               $25-100/hour
                    Special Projects                                                  Lump Sum Fee Contracts Available

FILES & ACCESS: All project information is made available remotely via online access to our clients’ designees upon request. Once the project is completed, all files are turned over to the client and removed from our online storage cloud.

NOTICE TO PROCEED: All projects require a formal written document from the client indicating an acceptance of our proposal. This document shall serve as our official notice to proceed. However, we reserve the right to additionally request a client issued purchase order or completion of a Practical Solutions Services Agreement.
DEPOSIT: All projects require a twenty-five percent (25%) non-refundable deposit. Project Managers have the independent discretion to waive the deposit requirement or increase this requirement to fifty percent (50%) with a reasonable justification (i.e. short lead or project timeline). Any adjustments to deposit requirements must be provided for in a written justification and recorded with the project contract.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Project cancellation fees may apply. The amount of the cancellation fee will vary depending on where the project is on the timeline provided. Under no circumstances shall the cancellation fee by less than fifty percent (50%) of a contract agreement.

CERTIFICATES: Copies of professional certificates available upon request.

EXPEDITE FEES: Expedite fees are determined based on a client’s required turnaround time from initial request to project completion/deadline. The baseline we use to determine standard rates and expedite fees is twenty-one (21) days. Add five percent (5%) to each day less than the baseline to determine expedite fees. For example, a project turnaround time of ten (10) days would make a fifty-five percent (55%) expedite fee possible. However, Project Managers have the independent discretion to waive expedite fees. Any adjustments to expedite fee requirements must be provided for in a written justification and recorded with the project contract.

INVOICING: Invoices will include hourly fees plus billable expenses. Hourly fees include all professional expenses, office overhead including staff technical and administrative support, insurance and operating expenses, taxes, and BGRT, but not reimbursable costs. When appropriate, invoices will include details of work performed and time billed will be rounded to the nearest quarter hour. Given more specific parameters, Practical Solutions and its partners are open to shifting to a fixed price methodology.

LICENSING: Copies of business licenses are available upon request.

PAYPAL: Clients may choose to pay invoices by credit card via PayPal. No registration is required. Make payments here and reference the invoice number in the message field.

PAST DUE ACCOUNTS: All accounts are due and payable upon presentation of an invoice. Unpaid invoices and/or any unpaid portion of a balance due will be charged 1.5% per month interest beginning the 32nd day from time of original issuance.

PROPOSAL VALIDITY: All proposals are valid for 45-days from the date of submission. It is highly likely that the information contained within this proposal is valid beyond 45-days, but it is the responsibility of the receiving party to confirm rates and availability beyond 45-days of original submission.

REIMBURSABLE EXPENSES: Receipt copies will be provided at each billing. For planning and budgetary purposes, it is anticipated that projects on Saipan will not require additional travel expenses. Projects off of Saipan will require some travel expenses, which will be billed as reimbursable trip expenses. Trip expenses may include return airfare, airport parking, car rental, accommodation, and per diem ($40 per day).

SERVICE AGREEMENTS: Any and all work conducted by Practical Solutions requires a Client’s signature of agreement on our standard Service Agreement form. The Service Agreement form is tailored to identify work to be performed for the Client according to definitions and policies found herein.

TAX ID INFORMATION: Tax ID numbers are available upon request.