Management Style & Philosophy

Practical Solutions and its partners have thrived in the small delicate economy of the Northern Mariana Islands by providing exemplary service for more than 20 years plus our other work in the Pacific region during the last six years.
Our level of service is achieved by providing projects on time and on budget. Finishing a project on time requires cooperation between all members of a project and constant attention to detail. At the same time, the best intentions are not always realistic. A schedule must be flexible and adaptable to achieve results.

Practical Solutions and its partners believe the best way to manage and complete a project is to work together. Every member of our team works diligently to achieve our clients’ goals.

We utilize several mechanisms to keep projects on schedule. Progress meetings between all active team members are standard. Status reports and projected schedules are reviewed at each meeting. Timelines and commitments are reviewed and addressed as necessary.
Our management plan appoints a lead Project Manager with an alternate Manager appointed for administration work and an alternate person appointed for field work (our Project Coordinator). Alternate Project Managers on staff also handle additional work during peak periods (start-up and close-out) and can temporarily substitute for a lead Project Manager on the occasions when s/he is off-island to insure that service is continuous and seamless throughout a contract.

Our experience also allows us to keep projects on schedule and to foresee (and often prevent) many common problems that can derail projects. Knowledge permits us to be better prepared in projecting budgets and timelines for projects.