Completed Projects

  • Comprehensive Budget Proposal: On behalf of the Northern Marianas Sports Association and working closely with its board members and executive director, draft and deliver a budget proposal strategy to CNMI Governor for the Oleai Sports Complex for fiscal year 2020. Collect information, research regional investments and expenditures, craft argument and comparison method, assemble information and data into a budget proposal. Develop and execute a community support strategy including media and public comment talking points. 

  • Community Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Proposal: Investigate opportunity, work with Northern Marianas Sports Association (NMSA) and its 21 members as well as community partners to collect information, research industry world-wide, craft information collection method and record data, assemble information and data into a collaborative approach proposal to make recommendations for sports facility infrastructure improvements and/or additions. Develop and execute a community support strategy including media and public comment talking points.
  • Association of Pacific Islands Legislatures - Marine Protected Areas Workshop Coordinated with sponsors and implemented a workshop designed to help APIL members understand the current state of marine protected area policy in the Pacific compared with UN Sustainable Development Goals and MPA guidelines published by IUCN. This workshop was hosted in Pohnpei, FSM. Developed workshop agenda, sought out and secure partners and presenters, coordinated implementation logistics with the APIL Secretary General and facilitated event. Developed and executed media and public comment talking points. Worked directly with funders to manage grant reporting and provide fiscal controls for the administration of the project.
  • Friends of the Mariana Trench Photo Exhibit: Two similar yet separate photo exhibits - a semi-permanent feature located in Guam at the Underwater World and the second in Saipan (CNMI), which is very portable and on a roving tour of hotel lobbies when not being used for outreach and education elsewhere in the community. Created and produced a unique photo exhibit to give tangibility to a remote
    marine national monument. Drafted proposals and made presentations to potential community partners for funding support, crafted and signed MOUs with community partners, preformed the necessary logistics related to production and implementation. Continue to monitor terms of MOU for presentation and utilization in the community. Worked directly with funders to manage grant reporting and provide fiscal controls for the administration of the project.
  • OpenROV Robotics Workshop: Worked with off island scientist and instructors to develop workshop implementation plans, solicited community partnerships for the delivery of the workshop, collaborated with CNMI schools in Saipan, Tinian and Rota to select students and with CNMI government agencies to select trainers. Coordinated all aspects of logistics. Worked directly with funders to manage grant reporting and provide fiscal controls for the administration of the project.
  • Pacific Ombudsman for Humanitarian Law: Provided initial consultations on set up and structuring; grant writing, data management, accounting systems, human resource management. POHL continues to work closely with other victims’ services organizations in the CNMI as well as with federal law enforcement partners.
  • Estate of Eng Eng Teoh: Court appointed estate administrator for a complex probate involving non-resident beneficiaries of substantial assets, which were liquidated per court approval and distributed accordingly.
  • Adrenalin Saipan LLC: Basic business services for a startup company. Served as resident agent.
  • Oztena Sure LLC: Basic business services for a startup company. Served as resident agent.
  • Pew Charitable Trusts: Global Shark Conservation Pacific team member. Pew has identified the present moment as a critical time to reverse the global decline of shark populations. We work internationally with our coalition allies to influence the fishing nations and treaty organizations that regulate high seas fisheries. In addition, we work with nations whose waters still have diverse populations of sharks to declare shark sanctuaries and to advocate for international shark conservation.
  • Environmental Services: Providing resource management and talent partnering services for scientists, engineers, planners, designers, remediators, technicians, consultants, and information specialists
  • Alternative Zero Coalition: Provided the organizing platform for multiple community organizations to get together and create a coalition of like-minded groups who oppose the military's intentions for the islands of Pagan and Tinian. Facilitated strategic planning meetings for coalition leaders helping them narrow their focus to come up with specific goals, objectives, strategies and timeline for execution.
  • Marianas Resource Conservation & Development Council: Non-profit organizational management, project management, fundraising, public relations, media strategies including web presence development
  • Szumiel Living Trust: A very complex project where we started first as the co-Administrator for the estate and continued, based on various findings and multiple court rulings, into the role of Administrator for the Trustee until all assets were liquidated.
  • Marianas Cup Beach Volleyball Festival (MCBVF): Practical Solutions’ was the directing marketing, promotions and logistics completing the execution of the h annual MCBVF for about 10 years. The event grew exponential and dynamically during our involvement. This annual project required fundraising, logistics management, athlete coordination and international cooperation and compliance with governing bodies, FIVB and AVC. Each year's event raised a combination of over $100,000 through more than 60 sponsors, saw on average 400 athletes compete and entertain more than 2,500 spectators across a three-week-long event on two islands. Publicity and exposure included local TV, radio, newspaper as well as both local and international magazine coverage; plus online stories and visuals at multiple websites and the use of social media outreach.